Baptism of Infants

A Sign of what God has done

Baptism is a sign that a person has become a member of the people of God- a world-wide community bound in a covenant promise to each other and to God. It is a sign they are part of our church family and the wider church family. We are happy to baptise the children of regular church members because they are born into this community.

In baptism, two big ideas from the Bible are represented:

  • One is washing- washing clean of sin. Jesus' life and death and resurrection are all so that we can have peace with God, and be freed from our sin. Sin is the evil we do against God, and it is so pervasive in our lives, we are even born with this inclination to sin. As you watch your baby grow, you'll soon discover the Bible knows what it's talking about! Jesus deals with our sin. Baptism just pictures this for us. 
  • The second is resurrection. Jesus death is in our place, and his resurrection is what we are promised too. Christians are born-again, born into a new, eternal life. And baptism- especially when an adult is submerged in a pool or a river- symbolises this death and resurrection. 

Questions Answered

When do you hold these Services?

On Sunday at our main morning service which starts at 10am. 

How much does it cost?

Everything- and nothing! There is no fee for a baptism, though the Church of England charges a small amount for the issuing of Baptism Certificates. Baptism however, is the sign of following Jesus, and doing that will take your wholehearted commitment to living as He commands... hence in real terms, it will cost your all. For parents, this means raising your new child in the community of the church, teaching them all that Jesus teaches, praying for them... what could be better? 

How many Godparents can we have?

It's traditional to have three godparents, two of the same sex as the child, but there is no legal reason why you have to stick with this. However, all godparents should be baptised and confirmed - essentially because they will have to declare ownership of the christian faith for themselves as they then promise to teach it to the child. The need for godparents to be confirmed is at the discretion of the vicar, so it might be something you'd like to discuss with him at the appropriate time.

Do I have to have my baby baptised to have a hope of a church wedding in future (for them, or myself)?


I really want to say "Thank you" to God for my baby, and have a big celebration, but I can't be a hypocrite and say we all want to commit to following Jesus and come to St. Mary's weekly. Is there an alternative?

Yes! The service of thanksgiving is more flexible than a traditional baptism, and can be exactly what people were hoping for; a celebration with a blessing and naming ceremony. Speak to the vicar to see if this is an option.