Bereavement is a very hard time, but we seek to do all we can to help you through this time. If you ask for a funeral to be held at St. Mary's, you can be sure that your funeral director and minister will work together to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible.

A funeral service at St. Mary's is quite flexible, and in discussion with the vicar or other minister, it can be tailored to suit the family. Our ministers also have good experience and training in this area, and can help the family shape the service to reflect the person well. 


Questions Answered

If my loved one didn't attend St Mary's can we still hold the funeral there?

Yes. St Mary's is a parish church seeking to serve the whole community. A funeral can be held at St Mary's so long as the deceased lived in the parish or had a genuine link with St Mary's. Ask the funeral director if there is any question.

Are Burials Still held in the Churchyard?

No. St Mary's churchyard was closed to new burials several years ago. Only those with pre-existing burial rights can be laid to rest in the churchyard itself. However, Nottingham Road Cemetery and Derby Crematorium at Markeaton are both within easy reach.

Can we play a CD in Church?

This is possible, but due to church law and because the funeral is a Christian one, this needs to be discussed with the officiating minister. Hymn choices likewise can be very flexible, but ultimately the vicar is responsible for everything that takes place in the church, so it best to discuss hymn choices and musical items with him as soon as possible.

Can we have our own readings in Church?

It depends on the readings, due to the church being a place of Christian worship. All these things can be discussed with your minister, who has the added advantage of hindsight from other funerals! 

I want to be involved in the funeral, can I do something/ I don't want to be involved in the funeral, but I want something specific said...

This is not a problem. The minister can read out a tribute or an appropriate reading or poem, or if the family or friends want to do it, that is fine too.

You may want to do something but worry that you won't manage to. Our experience is that those who want to do something will manage it somehow. The minister can guide you through the funeral preparation and help you decide what is best. The vicar or officiating minister can always read out what the family or friend wanted said.

What time should we arrive?

If you are not immediate family, aim to arrive about 15-20 minutes prior to the service and please take a seat in church by about 5-10 minutes before the service. Immediate family will arrive with the cortege and then follow the coffin into the church, where the main group of mourners will already be waiting. In our planning of the funeral we will discuss the number of seats to set aside at the front of church for the immediate family group.