A Traditional Venue

There are many pretty locations for your day, but none quite as traditional as the local parish church. St Mary's church building makes a stunning backdrop for the photographs, the beautiful church interior helps to emphasise the wonder of the occasion, but most of all we seek to care for you, knowing that there is so much more to a marriage than just the celebrations of the day.

We hope that as you plan your day, you will want to see this very much as 'your church' and become a part of the family. God made us, and knows the way in which we function best, so coming to church when you are able to on a Sunday, doesn't just help you feel more relaxed in the surroundings before your special day, but hearing more about our Father in Heaven and of His love for you, will help equip you for your married life and future together.

Questions Answered

Do I have to come to church on Sundays?

No. You don't HAVE to come to church to be married in St Mary's, but you do have to live in the parish, or be able to prove a genuine link to the church - these are legal requirements which are concerned with the ongoing pastoral care each couple receives from 'their' parish church.

Do you marry divorcees?

No, not usually. Each parish decides on this issue for themselves, and St Mary's has decided not to, except in very unusual circumstances, which can be found in the Bible. We can however offer a the Church of England 'Service of Dedication after Civil Marriage', which many find a great way of celebrating and cementing this new commitment together. 

How much does it cost?

Wedding fees vary slightly depending on the requirements of each couple, but in 2018 the basic cost of a church wedding is about £500, depending on what is needed.

How do I make a booking?

Contact the vicar, Jason Ward, check that you are eligible according to the criteria above and that your preferred date and time is available.

Does it have to be a Saturday?

No, Friday is also very popular. We would only advise that Sunday tends to be full with other things going on in church!